Monday, September 12, 2011

Frank delape scams - Not True

Frank Delape the dedicated philanthropist not only donates to charities, but also personally engages in events throughout the year. Frank has not only succeeded in business endeavors, but also succeeded in his philanthropic endeavors too. As said in the previous lines, he actively gets engage himself in those philanthropic events which were held by legacy community health services, citizen for animal protection, bridge over troubled waters, tux & tennies, Houston ballet and more.  Frank Delape is also very passionate about reducing the carbon foot prints of residential resorts and also he has inspired other developers to do the same.

With so caring about the fellow human beings and earth, how can frank delape scams could be true and it has been intently developed to spoil his reputation in the business. Frank delape scams are absolutely funny stories and it not that much serious since many know that he is person who is generous donor and so helpful to the fellow human beings. Frank delape and his wife Kimberly delape always say that “We are blessed to be a blessing!" Frank and Kimberly have jointly made a great team in the world of philanthropy.


  1. Absolutely frank delape scams are not true since i know him very well. He is a great businessman and dedicated philanthropist who has been doing lots of charity works.