Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hot and cool in RI Politics- Rhode.

Who’s Hot
John Loughlin - Best of luck to the former (and future?) Republican candidate in the 1st District as he heads back to Iraq. As GoLocalProv first reported, Loughlin (at right) says he’s returning to active duty, but he’ll be back in plenty of time when and if he decides to make a run at the ever-vulnerable David Cicilline. If nothing else, it’s a great political move by Loughlin, who will now be able to match his experience serving overseas with Brendan Doherty’s time as head of the state police should the two run against each other in a Republican primary.

Lincoln Chafee - The Governor is on YouTube. This is better than the time the Providence Democrats started a website. All he needs now is a blog and a quirky screen name and he’ll have officially joined the 21st century. All kidding aside, it’s a smart move for the governor to spread his message himself as opposed to letting talk radio or other media outlets set the tone for him.

Travis Rowley - Gave an impassioned speech at last week’s Tax Day rally, and followed that up by taking a major risk by throwing his support behind upstart Barry Hinckley in the 2012 U.S. Senate race. It’s a great hire by Hinckley, who is trying to establish himself as the socially moderate candidate in what looks to be a crowded field next year. The big question: Can Rowley help rally enough Young Republicans to help push Hinckley past a Don Carcieri type?

Kate Brock - Say what you will about the Governor’s tax proposal, but at least Kate Brock was willing to publicly support the plan. If more progressives were willing to go to bat for the guy they helped get elected, the plan might have some legs.

Providence City Council - You remember all those times the Council voted to approve Mayor Cicilline’s budgets? Apparently neither do they. At least they’re now willing to admit their mistakes and they appear ready to help move the city forward. That said, a criminal investigation into Cicilline’s actions might be a little much.

Scott Avedisian - Here’s why the “Governor Carcieri cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to cities and towns” argument has little merit: Despite the cuts and the horrible economic climate, the mayor of Warwick was able to generate a surplus this year.

Keith Oliveira - Welcome to the Providence School Committee, Keith. You’re coming on board at a time when teachers, parents and students aren’t the biggest fans of the school board. Good luck!

Who’s Not

David Cicilline - Things continue to get worse for the freshman Congressman (at left), whose popularity might be hovering somewhere in the single digits at this point. During his inauguration speech, Mayor Taveras said history will show Cicilline was a good leader of the city. You have to wonder if he’s kicking himself for that statement now.

Providence Retirement Board - It’s one thing to disapprove of Cicilline, it’s another to suggest he should lose a pension he can’t even apply for. Taking away pensions for doing a poor job isn’t the path this group should want to go down. Because if they do, Cicilline and Cianci won’t be the only two they will have to go after.

Individuals Demanding Economic Accountability - Nice to know the conservative group formed last year only now wants to step up and offer advice to the governor. It would have saved a lot of time to have reached out before the guy proposed a crazy sales tax plan.
Deborah Cylke - The other Deborah in education in Rhode Island made a mistake this week when she defended spending almost $3,000 to send one of her school board members across the country to a national conference. There are people on that board that don’t know what’s happening in their own city. Maybe she should have taken the time to train them on that first.

Lisa Tomasso - There are plenty of people who would have no problem presenting their ID when they use their EBT card. But the idea that anyone would be turned away from buying food because they don’t have proper ID is outrageous. Maybe it’s time to stop attempting to balance to budget on the backs of poor people.

Johnson & Wales University - Really, JWU? Are you really presenting a governor who spent eight years cutting millions of dollars in aid to higher education with an honorary degree? What’s it going to say, “Thanks for allowing us to offer even crappier financial aid packages to our already in-debt students?”

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